Our history

Brand Silver's was born from an idea of ​​SILVERI GENNARO , a young boy who, tired of being told that the future is elsewhere and not in the place of his birth, decides to create, right in the place where he was born, something unique and personal. Something that was born as a real "game" on which to bet and give one's all, to the point of becoming, after years and years, a real passion. The Brand is characterized by 100% elements MADE IN ITALY . We are always looking for innovation, comparison and dedication, with a lot of study behind us to give shape to our creativity. The planning phase, in addition to the design, is always characterized by the choice of leather from the best Italian tanneries and attention to all details. Each shoe requires many steps, starting from cutting the leather and then moving on to the most important phase: skiving and hemming, after which the gluing and preparation of the upper, followed by pre-assembly, sanding and application of the sole. The final step ends with cleaning and rigorous checks for each individual shoe, ensuring that they do not have any defects. Each handmade product represents the valorization and history of each master shoemaker.